This was the Loryc Electric Rally March 2018

Loryc Electric Driving Adventure

Enjoy 3 days electric driving dynamic in the mountains of Mallorca

Loryc Electric Adventure - 3 days packed with pure driving pleasure on the beautiful mountain roads of Mallorca. Five teams in their Loryc Electric RS. Handcrafted, ultra-light racing cars in the style of the 20s, with an 100% electric, emission-free drive.

Book your Loryc Electric RS today! Each team consists of 2 drivers who can switch between the driver an co-driver seat. As a driver, you love sporty driving. Of course you have enough time to familiarize yourself with the very direct handling of the Loryc Electric RS. Enjoy the torque of the electric machines in the serpentines of Mallorca.

The price for this 3-day adventure: € 900, - per person.

„I’m happy to be a part of this.
This will be a really special experience“

Jutta Kleinschmidt

Winner of the Rallye Paris-Dakar

The racing sport is my passion, and electric racing cars are our future. The electric drive gives us the opportunity to continue our sport in the most beautiful
places on earth, and that, completely emission-free. At the Loryc Electric Driving Adventure we don’t race for the seconds , and we don’t win world cup points. Our mission: sporty driving and showing how much fun it is to drive in electric vehicles.

„I drove the Loryc for three days in fall,
since then, I’m completely addicted“

Sven Plöger

Meteorologist, climate expert , weather moderator of ARD

In Addition to making the weather forecast „Wetter im Ersten“, I give lectures on the topics of weather, climate and climate change. Wind and sun enable us to operate electric vehicles with renewable energy. So this technique can contribute to a slowdown of the climate change.

Day 1


The South-West

After a short visit in the Loryc manufactory and an introduction to the special features of the Loryc Electric RS, we set off with the five vehicles. Our destination today: The mountains of the Tramuntana. The steep coast in the south west of Mallorca offers fantastic views over the sea, combined with the fresh smell of the pine trees. The coast road with its spectacular curves is made for the torque of the electric racing cars.

Day 2


The Legend

Today we are starting early. Our highlight of the day is a few kilometers, and a charging stop away from us. The small village of Sa Calobra is nestled in the cliffs, in the north-west of Mallorca. Breathtaking is the road between Sa Calobra and the Puig Major. Each team can drive this mountain passage at its own speed. We all meet us at the top of the hill for the way back.

Day 3


Pure pleasure

The Harbor Port de Soller, our today's noon destination, could be easily reached through a tunnel. - But who wants it comfortable? We take the pass road with its countless curves to the Coll de Soller. Pure driving pleasure with the Loryc Electric RS. Again, the teams could drive at their own speed uphill. On the highest point we could enjoy the view over the whole island, and meet us for driving down to Soller.