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LORYC Electric Speedster


The new LORYC Electric Speedster - Only for pure driving!

In the twenties, the race cars of LORYC were legendary for their agile, direct driving experience. With the new LORYC Electric Speedster the fun of pure driving is back on the road.




No ESP, no ABS, no ASR. - Only pure driving!

Made by Hand

It needs at least 1200 hours of handwork to finish one LORYC Electric Speedster in our workshop. Each LORYC is unique, and we work with pride to give our cars the spirit of the 20's. And only human hands can build such an authentic driving machine.

Borrani Spoke Wheels

Borrani was founded in Italy in 1923. Since the twenties they make handcrafted spoke wheels. We are very proud about the exclusively manufactured Borrani spoke wheels.

Analog Dashboard

All informations, speed, temperatures, power and range will be displayed on analog instruments.


The race suspensions are developed from KW exclusive for LORYC. The suspensions are 4-way adjustable to give every driver his personal setup.

Aluminum Body

Each LORYC Electric Speedster is a unique piece. The individual parts of the body are cut from pure aluminum sheet, shaped by hand with a wooden hammer, and put together with rivets.


Technical Information

264 km Range

At the official WMTC Test, accomplished by TÜV Rheinland, the battery range was 264 km. That's enough for more than 200 km of fun on the streets with the LORYC Electric Speedster.

30 kWh Energy

The battery pack of the LORYC is made with the latest generation LIFEPO4 cells. This type of battery is extremely safe and perfect for warm weather conditions. Charging? Simply overnight an any household outlet.

120 Nm Tourque

The acceleration of the water cooled electric motor is plenty enough for the lightweight LORYC Electric

800 kg Weight

The LORYC Electric Speedster weighs only 800 kg. The car itself has 450 kg, the battery 350 kg.

EU Homologation

The LORYC Electric speedster passed the European Homologation. With it's COC-paper , the LORYC could be registered in any EU country.

LORYC History

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The car manufacturer LORYC was founded in January 1920 in Mallorca. The cars of this time were usually large, heavy vehicles, driven by bulky engines. The plan of LORYC was to create extremely light, agile automobiles, installing only a small, but more economical engine. By the end of 1920 the first LORYC was seen on the streets of Mallorca. A lightweight car with two seats, equipped with 15 horsepowers.

A racing car in the form of a speedster with a tapering tail was also developed at LORYC in the same year. Even back then, taking part in auto racing was an important marketing tool for automakers. Due to their light weight and their particular reliability in motor racing, the cars of LORYC achieved an excellent reputation quickly. In the "Vuelta a Catalunya" a LORYC took first place, and also was succesful at the legendary race of Tarragona. A LORYC Speedster won the third place there, and drove the fastest lap in his class.

The strategy of LORYC was to use only components of exceptional quality for the construction of their vehicles, and to add those together with special care by hand. Although this came at a cost, they were quickly appreciated for their legendary steadiness. The strategy worked, and the demand for the vehicles rose. 1922 LORYC presented its vehicles on the "Car-Salon Barcelona" to an international audience. The success was enormous, and already in 1923 it became necessary to move to larger manufacturing facilities. When the major automobile companies such as Citroen and Ford introduced the assembly line production, difficulties started to occur at LORYC. The demand for the handmade vessels sank, until they finally had to stop the production.

Only fiew LORYC have been preserved until now. In 2013 the german entrepreneur Charly Bosch, who lives on Mallorca, was able to purchase one of these classic cars. He was so fascinated by the automobile, that he bought the trademark "LORYC" and decided to start crafting vehicles again along the lines of his LORYC, and provide them with a modern electric machine.

Loryc Electric

Authentic Manufacturing - Authentic Driving

Calle Alacant 61, Poligono Son Bugadelles, ES-07183 Calvia, Mallorca

Tel: +34 686 042 939

Email: Office@LorycMallorca.com